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A Free Service for Blind and Partially Sighted People
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Distribution of the CVTN on memory stick or CD has now restarted.
Live studio recording is however still not possible under current restrictions and our volunteers
continue to record ‘at home editions’ with readings from the Gazette and other publications.
To find information on how to receive CVTN through Royal Mail's free postal service click on ‘Contact the CVTN’.

To listen online click on ‘Listen to the News’ on this page then follow the links to the BWBF web site.
You can also listen at home by downloading the BWBF App. For iPhones or iPads go to the App store. For Android systems
go to Google Play. It's available to anyone who has difficulty with reading. When the App opens search South-West region.
You will find us near the top of the listing. Our Kaleidoscope magazine is there as well.

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